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The Transformational Bodywork Process

Our bodies are a reflection of years of conscious and unconscious stresses and habits that eventually wear us down before our time.  These stresses may be noticed as generalized movement inefficiencies characterized by elevations of hips/shoulders, leg-length discrepancies, poor posture, range of motion inequalities, etcetera. They may also be specific, such as chronic pain syndromes, muscle spasms, painful “bad” back or joints, or an overall need to frequently “de-stress”.  Add exertional stress such as is experienced at CrossFit and the body’s attempt to adapt can overwhelm the conscious mind’s abilities to balance the overall system.  The nature of some of these challenges may truly need medical or surgical intervention; others may be the result of that intervention.  But unless these habits and physical inefficiencies are corrected, they can lead to debilitation, over-adaptation and disease. Our modern/Western medicine is incredible at providing temporary relief for the physical problems, but seldom approaches the holistic, psychological and bioelectrical aspect that is just as critical for a properly balanced body.  Eastern medicine, though also incredible, frequently overlooks the adaptive habit and perception that may anchor these problems in place. Transformational Bodywork is a multi-modality non-diagnostic process that integrates many Western and Eastern philosophies into a holistic model of treatment. Its foundation is the anthropological view of “context”.  The problem that grabs our attention is probably the result of many different affecting factors (context) that are both conscious and unconscious.  From the TBW view, a manifesting problem is seldom as simple as the symptoms suggest.  Life-style, perceptions, current and past life events, nutrition, and overall physiology all contribute to the situation; therefore it is necessary to observe/treat the entire context if possible.  This is done through anchoring the client in a place of safety, providing superior assessment, non-judgmental/non-processing feedback, utilizing a “tool-box” modality approach and providing appropriate referrals.  Just as the client’s problems are a result of everything going on inside and outside of the client, so our treatment of the client often requires working “inside” within our own expertise and “going outside” to those practitioners expert in various appropriate fields.  This global philosophy provides the significant, comprehensive approach to our responsibility with these people that place their trust in us.

Transformational Bodywork

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