“I started CrossFit at a time where it seemed more like fight club than a gym. It was called ‘the Stable’ and you had to earn the right for people to accept you into this tight knit group. “What are you training for!?” Was yelled across the gym with the correct reply being “A glorious death”, which was usually said by someone gasping for air, sometimes in tears from pure exhaustion. When I started there was no on-ramp class; they just threw you into the fire and you learned as you went. It was months before I felt like I had earned my place. That being said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It made me work harder, dig deeper. I kept thinking that all I had to do to worm my way in was to be the best.

It started with being the best female, though one late morning a conversation with Samy about wildlife ended with him telling me to stop trying to be the best female and instead just work towards being the best, period. In his words an ‘apex predator of CrossFit’. It was that conversation that really started me on my path with CrossFit, it made me realize that my potential was as limitless as my own desire. I stopped caring about the weight of my body and instead focused on the weight on a barbell (though admittedly I might have cared too much about it at times and had my scores taken away from me a few times as punishment). The only time I weighed myself anymore was to see how much weight to put on the bar during body weight back squat or deadlift challenges.

This whole crazy journey started over three years ago, September 2009. Looking back on that first month, the workouts, the newness, the soreness, the sheer panic everytime I pulled up to the building… I can’t believe I stayed. I felt overwhelmed, there was always a new movement to learn, heavier weights to be put on the bar, a better range of motion to be executed. I was introduced Tabata intervals and the gas mask on the same day (my birthday, actually). I left thinking that if I could make it through that, I could make it through anything. It was the first time that it had occurred to me everything was doable, no matter how terrible it looked on the white board, if I just chipped away at it, took it one movement, one round, one rep at a time I could accomplish or overcome anything. It after that day the butterflies started to lessen each time I pulled up to the building; I would panic less and less each time I heard ’3.2.1…GO!’

As the years have passed, as I have watched a hundred people come in and out of these doors I am always amazed at how unique everyone is, the vast differences in their goals yet this place seems to provide everything they will need in realizing their own potential for success. The ability to view everyone as a unique individual while providing the attention to detail personal needs and goals deserve is something I have embraced and grown to love about this place. Its no longer just a ruthless fight club, there can be 20+ people in a class, but it is no less intense and everyone feels a part of this community, this family, as intimately as ever. I am honored to be a part of the coaching staff, to be entrusted by our members to see them safely through their training as they strive to realize an ever greater level of personal betterment.

It has been nothing short of inspiring to watch the growth of our members.

The family that has grown here has helped me grow as a person, to seek out ways to better myself. It has given me the courage to compete as well as to further my education through my masters degree in Conservation Biology. It was this community that supported me going to Cameroon on my own and studying in a primate sanctuary. I am humbled to be a part of this place and this community, to feel the support not only of my evolution as a CrossFitter but in endeavors far beyond the walls of this gym. CrossFit New Hampshire will always be my home, the people within these walls will always be my family.”

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