Warm-up Drills
I. Row 3:00
II. 6:00 AMRAP of
5 x Hindu Push-ups (2ct)
7 x Toes-to-Bar
10 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
III. Mobility

“Bring Sally Up”
Details will be provided in class. Athletes may choose their own weights for the back squat. If the barbell is dropped to the floor athletes must complete the workout with an empty barbell.

Post loads to comments.

“Tiger Stripe”
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of
Ring Push-ups

Post times to comments.

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6 Responses to 12.30.2013

  1. Dutch says:

    Bring Sally Up 135#
    Tiger Stripe 25:34 Rx

  2. Orr says:

    “Bring Sally Up”: 115#

    “Tiger Stripe”: 15:32 Rx

  3. Jen B. says:

    “Bring Sally Up”: 75#

    “Tiger Stripe”: 13:13 RX

  4. Peter says:

    “Bring Sally Up” : 75#
    “Tiger Stripe”: 12:33 (SU x 3)

    Lovely shirt, Jen!

  5. Kerri says:

    Bring Sally Up 85# but I didn’t quite make it to the end

    Tiger Stripe 22:36 RX

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