Warm-up Drills I. Row 1000m II. 2 Rounds of 5 x Chin-ups 10 x Wall Squats (banded; 2 inches above knees) Max Time x L-sit (accumulate a minimum of :10) III. Mobility Impact/Focus: Barbell Row Barbell Row 5-5-5-5-5 Notes: Building on the technical competency established last week athletes should feel confident in working up to heavy sets of five today. Post sets/reps/loads to comments. "Behavior Modification" Choose one of the following options: Complete 3 Rounds for time of Run 400m 20 x H2H KB Snatch (24/16kg) 20 x KB Thrusters (24/16kg) Post scores to comments.

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3 Responses to 01.17.2014

  1. Dutch says:

    BB Row 180 x 5
    Behavior Modification 20:38 Mod

  2. Peter says:

    Bar Bell Row:85#
    Behavior Modification II: 22:13 24kg/30# DB

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