Warm-up Drills I. Coaches Choice II. Dot Drill (for time) III. Mobility Notes: Each athlete needs 1 x Dot Drill trial recorded. "Hoostie" Complete 7 Rounds of the following, each against a 2:00 Running Clock: 2 x Muscle-ups 3 x Handstand Push-ups 15 x Jump Squats (65/45lbs) Notes: Each round has a 2:00 running clock, representing the time interval each athlete has to complete the workload. If time expires before a round is completed the WOD is over and the athlete's score remains as is. The only available rest is time remaining (if any) from each 2:00 minute trial. Scale load/movements as necessary. Skill Development Mobility/Preventative Maintenance for recovery... Lt. Hoostie is at fault for today's WOD, after yesterday's Frenzy it almost seems like there would be an apology.

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  1. Dutch says:

    Dot drill 1:56 Agile like an elephant!
    Hoostie 7 rds completed (Mod:PU’s/Ring dips/DB Press/65#)

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