DSC_0107 (3)Warm-up Drills I. Run 400m II. 7:00 Circuit of 4 x KB Turkish Get-ups (24/16kg) 6 x KB Goblet Squat-Thrusts (24/16kg) 10 x 2-Hand KB Swing (or H2H KB Snatch 24/16kg) III. Mobility (Shoulder/Chest/Thoracic Spine Emphasis)     "Team Beowulf" Complete For Time in teams of 2 athletes Row 1000m (alt.every 250m) Run 800m (alt.every 200m) 50 x C2B Pull-ups 100 x Ring Dips/Static Dips 150 x Jumping Slamball (40/20lbs) Run 800m (alt.every 200m) Row 1000m (alt.every 250m) Notes: Partitioned as necessary; each team must decide their plan and execute accordingly so that each athlete finishes having completed half the workload. Think sets of 'Murph'. During the Run while one athlete is working the other must hold a plank position. The same system applies to Rowing with athletes holding in the bottom of an Air Squat while their partner toils away in the boat. Get some, freaks. Skill Development Slay goats at will.

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  1. Grinster says:

    “Team Beawulf”

    Teamed with Edamame

    Finished 3 rounds + 400m run each @ 30:00


  2. Peter says:

    Samy, sorry I’ll miss this today as I am diseased after coming down with a terrible cough on Wed. night, and which still persists.
    Hope you all enjoy “Beowulf” (with an “O” not an “A”)….and I recommend the Translation by Seamus Heaney (Poet Laureate), from my home county (Derry) in Ireland.

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