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“There are a very select few things in this life that constitutionally change the way you look at life, hard work, and the true, UN-glamorized cost of success; I never thought a training regimen would be one of them.

I first discovered Samy and his dungeon of pain in the winter of 2008 while home from school for the holidays. What left the greatest impact on me after a week at the gym wasn’t how hard the workouts were (brutal) or how big the gym was (quaint is an appropriate descriptor), but it was Samy’s passion, enthusiasm, and wealth of knowledge that stuck with me as I returned to school.

I began to dive into all things CrossFit: I smiled every time I felt a new pull-up callus forming; I tried to understand what “Fran” was and why that workout made me throw-up. Soon I was at home in that magical post-workout semi-consciousness where looking up at the ceiling you get a chance to spend time with your true self… devoid of all insecurities and delusions of grandeur.

I joined a Crossfit gym near my school, and amid the pull-ups, power snatches, and sprinting drills, I began to notice something—my grades shot through the roof, my performance at work surged, and the so-perceived “problems” in my life began to disappear. I became enthralled in the principles behind Crossfit: denial of our wanting everything-for-nothing mainstream American mentality, the refusal to be a victim of misinformation and contentment, and the constant reaffirmation that true dedication and hard work really provide you. Finding capability to acheive anything you want; yet not with the type of ‘hard work’ that gets you a Cold Play music montage, but the sort that is born inside from desire and willpower, the sort that drives you outside on a cold morning at 4 AM when no one is watching and no music is playing. I love coaching because it allows me to interact daily with individuals who are living these same principles and are beginning to unlock their own unfettered potential. I am constantly humbled and in awe of this community’s dedication to self-betterment and each other.

My Fran time isn’t world class nor can I dead lift a bus; but the support I’ve received from CFNH has reinforced and helped enable my drive towards achieving levels of physical and mental ability I had previously thought to not exist. I earned my commission in the United States Marine Corps in the Fall of 2010 and while serving requires me to be away more often than not, my home will always be CFNH and the people there who refuse to let me find contentment in mediocrity.”

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“I started CrossFit at a time where it seemed more like fight club than a gym. It was called ‘the Stable’ and you had to earn the right for people to accept you into this tight knit group. “What are you training for!?” Was yelled across the gym with the correct reply being “A glorious death”, which was usually said by someone gasping for air, sometimes in tears from pure exhaustion. When I started there was no on-ramp class; they just threw you into the fire and you learned as you went. It was months before I felt like I had earned my place. That being said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It made me work harder, dig deeper. I kept thinking that all I had to do to worm my way in was to be the best.

It started with being the best female, though one late morning a conversation with Samy about wildlife ended with him telling me to stop trying to be the best female and instead just work towards being the best, period. In his words an ‘apex predator of CrossFit’. It was that conversation that really started me on my path with CrossFit, it made me realize that my potential was as limitless as my own desire. I stopped caring about the weight of my body and instead focused on the weight on a barbell (though admittedly I might have cared too much about it at times and had my scores taken away from me a few times as punishment). The only time I weighed myself anymore was to see how much weight to put on the bar during body weight back squat or deadlift challenges.

This whole crazy journey started over three years ago, September 2009. Looking back on that first month, the workouts, the newness, the soreness, the sheer panic everytime I pulled up to the building… I can’t believe I stayed. I felt overwhelmed, there was always a new movement to learn, heavier weights to be put on the bar, a better range of motion to be executed. I was introduced Tabata intervals and the gas mask on the same day (my birthday, actually). I left thinking that if I could make it through that, I could make it through anything. It was the first time that it had occurred to me everything was doable, no matter how terrible it looked on the white board, if I just chipped away at it, took it one movement, one round, one rep at a time I could accomplish or overcome anything. It after that day the butterflies started to lessen each time I pulled up to the building; I would panic less and less each time I heard ’3.2.1…GO!’

As the years have passed, as I have watched a hundred people come in and out of these doors I am always amazed at how unique everyone is, the vast differences in their goals yet this place seems to provide everything they will need in realizing their own potential for success. The ability to view everyone as a unique individual while providing the attention to detail personal needs and goals deserve is something I have embraced and grown to love about this place. Its no longer just a ruthless fight club, there can be 20+ people in a class, but it is no less intense and everyone feels a part of this community, this family, as intimately as ever. I am honored to be a part of the coaching staff, to be entrusted by our members to see them safely through their training as they strive to realize an ever greater level of personal betterment.

It has been nothing short of inspiring to watch the growth of our members.

The family that has grown here has helped me grow as a person, to seek out ways to better myself. It has given me the courage to compete as well as to further my education through my masters degree in Conservation Biology. It was this community that supported me going to Cameroon on my own and studying in a primate sanctuary. I am humbled to be a part of this place and this community, to feel the support not only of my evolution as a CrossFitter but in endeavors far beyond the walls of this gym. CrossFit New Hampshire will always be my home, the people within these walls will always be my family.”

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“I knew I had to do something after hearing news that a high school friend of mine had a heart attack. I used to be known for puting away as much food as I wanted without gaining a pound in high school. Fourteen years later, I was still doing the same thing and it didn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out that I couldn’t continue down the same path and expect to see my kids grow up.

So…what to do? What did I like for activity? Even though I’d grown up playing multiple sports and considered myself athletic, I was also lazy. I’ve had short bouts of extreme determination where I’d lift weights amd/or run religiously for two to three months, but that’s as far as my fitness endeavors lasted. I’d always end up back on the couch… because let’s face it, watching TV or playing video games while eating ice cream and brownies is wayyyyy more fun than going to your local Globogym or running non-stop for a calorie burn. I grew up swimming competitively so I looked into that next. Boy…those hours are crappy and pool access is expensive. Hockey? Waaaay to early and my cardio is in the toilet. Muay Thai looks fun and I really want to hit someone…damn, this is NH, no Muay Thai schools. I had briefly toyed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in graduate school but I knew I’d never survive a single training session in the physical shape I was in. So how can I get into shape for JiuJitsu?

Let’s look into this CrossFit business I keep seeing popping up on my friends’ Facebook statuses that they can’t shut up about. With that level of excitement, it must be good right? After watching a few YouTube videos of people swinging kettle-bells, squatting heavy weights and doing hundreds of pullups, I thought, ‘It looks crazy…but why not? What do I have to lose besides pride?’. Off I sent my email to CFNH. After getting a reply from Dan ensuring that I would be OK to start CrossFit coming in from a vegetative state, I put down COD Modern Warfare 2, rolled off the couch and strolled into Samy’s gym expecting punishment. Boy did they deliver. I knew I was in for a treat when I shook Tiffanie’s hand for the first time and thought, ‘Damn…it feels like I’m shaking hands with the Terminator.’ Before the end of my first TABATA WOD, I thought I was either going to pass out or vomit. The former Marine that was working out next to me did vomit (ran out and puked all over the parking lot). For some strange reason, when Tiffanie asked if I was going to be coming back (she didn’t ask me to pay, nor did I know how much it was going to cost) all I did was hold out my credit card. I couldn’t speak or really think through the pain and exhaustion I was feeling , but I knew that this was exactly what I needed.

Nine months later, I’m still coming in and even more invested. Unlike my prior fad ventures into trying to get fit but dropping out after losing interest, I  find myself trying to learn more, get better and push personal limits. I’ve even changed my diet to be Paleo, so I’m healthy and ready for WODs. This was a huge change for me after years of eating whatever the hell I wanted.

What is it that keeps bringing me back? I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps it’s because CrossFit’s fitness philosophy highlights all of my weaknesses and makes me better by encouraging me to develop them into strengths. I’m still astounded at how inadequate my previous concept of fitness was. Perhaps it’s because being ‘CrossFit’ has made me more grounded and shit that used to annoy me now seems just silly. If I have a rough day at work, all I need to do is head to my box and *poof*, frustrations are gone.  Perhaps it’s enthusiasm and the amazing sense of community created by Samy, Dan and Tiffanie that makes me look forward to suffering heavily through WODs with my fellow CrossFitters.

All I know is that I’m having fun getting fitter that I have possibly ever been in my life and I can’t wait to see how far I can go.”

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“… I want to begin by saying that CrossFit is a completely unique fitness program and it fits my personality perfectly.

For me personally, I would have to say that this crazy gym has a big impact across not just how ‘fit’ I am but it’s helped me change the lifestyle I lead as well.

Pay attention, though, make sure you don’t hear me wrong: Bai Chen is not here to tell you how good or fun it is, or amaze you with what I’ve learned about fitness along the way.

All I can say is the experience makes just trying it, even only once in your life, absolutely worth it. I will bet crazy loot that those who do give it one taste will never look back!

I wouldn’t say that I am an ‘athlete’ but just like everybody else who works out in a gym or a club these days I thought I was at least in shape. It blew my mind how little my old workouts prepared me for this; I wasn’t in shape at all. I came into the program assuming that each class would be like any other traditional group fitness or club program where we could just go in and do our thing whenever we wanted.

Guess what? I was completely wrong.

I still remember my very first class back in 2010 where I met Dan and Samy; the workout wasn’t even with any weights, just basic bodyweight squats in a 4 minute test that I accidentally felt would be easy… 5 days later I had no idea how my legs were so sore without even touching a weight?! And four minutes!? I couldn’t believe it.

But I wasn’t afraid of the hard work ahead, I went every chance I got and the more involved I became the more CrossFit felt like the lifestyle I needed to be focusing on living. Before long I was awake each day at 4:30am ready to brawl with whatever WOD was ahead… Monday through Friday, I couldn’t get enough. These days, if I miss even one day of training or if I accidentally oversleep I’m crushed in my mind– I would be like {insert strange Bai Chen original comment about party bars that serve chocolate and sad people}.

CrossFit is not just awesome because it fits my personality and my lifestyle, but more importantly I have to say this is truly a community, a family environment where everyone has grown close. We all push each other to the limit, and we do it because no matter how competitive we get it’s about caring and backing up our crew here as we all struggle through WODs together.

I could go on and on but I’ll cut this off with a final point: In my mind CFNH has the best crew (athletes/members) and the best trainers. Samy and Tiffany just are so crazy about CrossFit they will do whatever they can to pass on knowledge; but it’s up to you to use it and make something with yourself day in and day out.

They don’t push you, although it may seem like it, they just show you how to bring yourself to the limits you’ve got; until you’ve learned you don’t have any after all.”

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“… I started my Crossfit journey in 2006 while I was in serving in the Marine Corps. What originally drew me towards this style of training was the intensity and diversity the program encompassed.

The CrossFit style of rigorous conditioning and emphasis on general physical preparedness not only prepared me physically and mentally for my upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, but also enabled me to complete marathons.

Athletic competition has always been a major part of my life, even before I began seriously pursuing new challenges in fitness through CrossFit.

In recent years I have competed in numerous mountain running/technical trail races, snowshoe races, and Crossfit competitions; this past year making it as far as qualifying for a seat at the Crossfit Northeast Regionals.”

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“…I had always been a gym rat.  Running, swimming, and lifting along with skiing and playing golf.  Then a series of injuries (Achilles and shoulder surgery) took the wind out of my sails.  I was told never to do overhead presses again and I was relegated to doing stair climbs and light weights.  Boredom set in.

My son Brendan had told me about CrossFit of NH and how he enjoyed it.  It sounded nuts.  He told me about the 2 old guys(Samy and Dan) who were really awesome and the workouts were insane.  I eventually decided to scope it out.

My first visit was an eye opener.  A crowded gym with loud music and tattooed athletes and huge weights crashing on the floor and people rushing around was so intimidating. But Dan came over and I signed up for the ramp course.  I left thinking,

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?”

The On-ramp course was good, it brought us ‘Noobs’ up to speed to really start training the way the program was designed.  At the end of our basics course I took a good look at the mix of people training together with the main CFNH daily WOD’s… I found brain turning critical of my age, shoulder, I asked myself,

“Will I be able to do that?” 

…And before I could answer I rolled out of bed and into the first AM training session among the athletes at CrossFit New Hampshire. In no time I was coming in daily to Samy greeting me with his,


I bought into it. I loved it. It brought me new life.

And yes, I learned to become strong and capable in the overhead lifts.  With significantly heavy weights… That continue to climb as my fitness continues to improve.

The excellent and patient instruction from Samy, Dan and Tiffanie spurred me on.  They were truly invested in me. I felt a member of a community. Everybody pulling for each other. No discrimination based on age, sex, race. Just real people trying to reach their potential one day at a time.

I was truly hooked from day one… and still am.

Thank you Samy, Tiffanie, and Dan.”

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“…I really can’t say enough good things about CrossFit. I have been an athlete and into fitness for pretty much my entire life. I rowed crew competitively and after crew, I essentially became a gym rat and treadmill junkie. I followed a lifting routine 4-5 days a week, ran many miles, and logged many hours in spin classes. I first learned about CrossFit through some of the trainers at the gym I went to in Boston. I would see them doing these crazy, fun looking workouts that were so different from anything anyone else was doing in the gym. When they told me they were CrossFit workouts I started researching it online. The boxes in Boston were $150+, which was an immediate turn off for me, and I never joined.

I kept up my gym routine when I moved to New York City and joined the posh New York Health and Racquet Club. A few months after living there, I continued to be curious about CrossFit and started researching boxes in New York. I realized there was a box a few blocks from my apartment, CrossFit Gotham. I decided to try it out, I figured I would just go for one day and if I didn’t like it, then no harm no foul – I left the high-end gym with its spin classes, pool, steam room, sauna and scented towels and headed into a below ground basketball court with a huge pull up rig assembled in the middle and shirtless, sweaty athletes doing heavy Olympic lifts I had never seen done in a regular gym before, and working harder than I had ever seen anyone in a gym work. I literally have not been to a regular gym since I walked into my first box.

I considered myself to be in very good shape when I first started (I had a sub 19 minute 5k!). However, I quickly learned there were many things I could not do (pull ups, handstands, technical Olympic lifts, rope climbs – the list goes on). I have loved learning new things through CrossFit and am still constantly being challenged to this day.

After 6 months at the box in New York, I relocated to New Hampshire for personal reasons. I transplanted to CFNH and despite being from out of town I immediately felt welcomed by the crew of Crossfitters there. I count the people in the CFNH community among the best people I have met since I moved to the area. Samy is an extremely knowledgeable coach – his knowledge of the “why” is very valuable to me. He doesn’t just tell you to move a certain way or eat something instead of something else – he tells you exactly why you should do that from a physiological and long-term training standpoint. He is obviously extremely well read on all things related to training and nutrition and it brings a lot to the table with his coaching. Not to mention the fact that he seems to have no pain threshold and has the ability to push people’s bodies past the limits their minds would normally allow.

Looking back, I wish I had gotten into CrossFit when I first learned about it. The fee, which seems high compared to “regular gyms” is completely worth it in light of what you get out of CrossFit. You get personal training with coaches and the benefit of the CrossFit community constantly pushing you and challenging you do things you never thought you could do before. It is really an invaluable part of my life now.”

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“…I struggle to put into words what CrossFit New Hampshire means to me. How can I possibly convey what it means to have been pulled from the brink and saved from myself? I can barely articulate what it is that has saved me, let alone tell you about the journey.

It’s this community.

It’s people who taught me to believe in myself and realize who I could become. It’s being coached in the box in a way that translates to the rest of life.

How is it that one extra burpee, or one last rep of a lift makes me a better person every day? How does the short, skinny guy suddenly realize that he is fast, and agile, and isn’t just getting stronger, but has become someone that IS strong? Certainly I’m fitter. But it’s not just that…

It’s Me 2.0. It’s purpose. And determination. And perseverance.

Sure my body is more durable and capable, I can see and feel muscle tone where I once clearly could not. But how do I tell you what has happened with my mind? It’s the knowledge that now is the time to get busy living.

My life has changed because these people have helped me realize I had the potential to become something better than I was; and that potential had been there the entire time. How could I have no idea of the something, someone I could become should the desire be there. It is. And for me, the change has been profound, and [even though I am trying here] indescribable.

Yet, everyday there is a warrior next to me on the pull-up bar, or on a run, or putting up weights, who is going through the same profound changes. I know it. They know it. We celebrate it. Every day this community grows within itself. We’re all on this journey together and it’s impossible to imagine not being a part of something this amazing, to do it alone would pale as an experience by comparison. In some ways it might seem easier to keep for ourselves, to hide our daily strife and triumphs so that only we can see our success or failures. But we don’t. We invite others into the fold with us, because the more of us that sweat, and toil, exhaust ourselves, and slug forward through whatever WOD awaits…

… We know it will all amount to an ever greater victory. Sharing this with this community of people who have unconditionally shown me their strengths and weaknesses is what keeps my focus on that which truly matters; not pride, or shame, or any kind of image to uphold among peers. Just pure, real, unyielding effort to better oneself.

Now the focus I had placed on my life, my improvement, my fitness gains, isn’t actually about me anymore.

It’s about us, this family we train among, all of our lives, and fighting to better every aspect of them side by side.

That’s the power I see in CrossFit; it defines our community at CFNH.”


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“… Aug 30th, and to me Joining CrossFit was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am a 50 year old working mother of 2 boys 10 and 12. I always have considered my self in shape, having successfully run 12 marathons over the last 10 years. But the reality of my fitness level came crashing down on fathers day 2011.

My husband, myself and our boys accompanied our good friends Laura and Jeff, both cross fitters, and their children on a hike up Mount Washington to one of the huts to stay overnight. I had noticed how in shape Jeff and Laura were, and particularly noticed the gradual change in Jeff a colleague of mine who I see at work almost everyday. Well, I was an ANCHOR on that hike, Laura basically ran up the mountain! I thought, I need to figure out what they have been doing and get in on that action. When we got to the top and settled in at the hut they told me about Cross Fit NH. I had never heard of it. They described what the work outs were, tough but efficient, as they had demonstrated as they smoked me up the mountain. I joined the following week.

I met Samy and the crew who instantly made me feel welcome and at home. Entering in the morning to Samy yelling MARILYN! YESSSS! is the motivation anyone would need to show up day after day. Samy’s knowledge of the nutrition and its impact on your fitness level is exceptional, he can stand there and review the Kreb cycle to discuss how energy is made off the top of his head (weird yes, but impressive).

Cross Fit pushes you beyond your physical and mental comfort zones and shows you what you are truly capable of.

It not only makes you a better athlete but puts you into a different mental category of what you believe your limits can be. There is a tremendous amount of confidence that is built through achieving a tough workout. The workouts are meant to be achievable at many different fitness levels and scaled to help to build upon your base then to exceed to the next level. I do things today that I never would have imagined a year ago.

The entire community at CFNH has also contributed hugely to my development as CrossFitters as well. I have continually been amazed at the level of commitment and dedication CFNH members have displayed in their own personal endeavors but most importantly their support of the community both inside and outside the gym.

One morning I had to sneak a peek at the work out … and my rant began,

‘S*$%!, I hate kettleball swings, and %!#% oh %! I hate wall balls… WHAT THE $%%! Why Pull-ups?!’

Someone overheard me and asked point blank,Well, what exactly do you like?’

My answer?

‘The People.’

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“…I had my first exposure to CrossFit in 2007. I had been doing the typical bodybuilding style programming, which I took mostly out of the pages of different fitness magazines. I had always taken my fitness seriously, however I knew that there was something lacking. A shoulder injury that lingered for most of 2006 made me start thinking that I needed to change something. It was at that time that a co-worker told me to check out CrossFit. I would love to say that from that moment on I was hooked but it took me a while to fully understand what I was missing.

I began by perusing the CrossFit website where I was introduced to foreign terms such as WOD, AMRAP, Tabata, thrusters, and the list goes on. And what the hell were the “girls” that everyone on the website spoke about? I began by trying a few of the workouts but without a true understanding of the intensity that was truly required to get the most out of the programming. I spent about a year picking and choosing workouts that were suited for me. I did a lot of power cleans and pull-ups during that year but continued to neglect those movements that I struggled with. One thing was consistent during this time however, no matter what I did I was drawn back to what is now referred to as the “mainpage” but
at the time was really the only page. I read article after article and began to get an understanding of what CrossFit was all about. I was also noticing at this time that workouts were fun again. Each day I was left lying in a puddle of sweat wondering what the hell had just happened to me and I loved every minute of it.

This took me up to the fall of 2008. I continued to read articles but still had trouble following every mainpage WOD either due to lack of equipment or inability to do the rx’ed exercises. I was now torn between laying down money for equipment and a level one certification or finding a gym. Naturally I looked on the CrossFit message boards for a gym in New Hampshire. It was at this point I stumbled across this guy named Samy. He had a skull and crossbones profile picture and was part of a small group attempting to assemble for some workouts in New Hampshire. I still remember Samy referring to himself as “a shy little bastard” who liked creeping around where no one noticed him. I have to say this described me perfectly. (Editor’s Note: Soulmates)

That is when my “blogstalking” began. I read almost everything that Samy posted, along with several others to include Melissa Urban/Byers at the short lived 603 CrossFit. I
began to get stronger and eventually started doing my best to follow the programming on the “Savage Society’s” webpage. At this point I still had never stepped foot in a CrossFit box or had coaching on anything. I would workout alone either at home or in my police department’s gym. Occasionally I would convince a co-worker to try a workout with me, no one ever stuck around though. Most said I was crazy or that it ruined their back and bi split that they had been doing for years.

So with no coaching or exposure to a true CrossFit gym I made the decision to lay down some money and create my own “basement gym.” I had read every article associated with creating a garage gym, as well as Samy’s trials and tribulations with stocking his own gym. I figured that if I couldn’t buy it I could probably make it. I made my order with Rogue Fitness and less than a week after that my equipment arrived. I now had a fully stocked gym that included rubber flooring, bumper plates, a pull-up rig, kettlebells, and rings. I have added several other pieces of equipment since then but it was that original shipment of equipment that became my gym. Equipment was no longer a limiting factor for me. I had no excuses now when it came to workouts and it was paying great dividends. My fitness was improving in leaps and bounds. The old injuries that had limited me in the past were non-factors. I was getting stronger in all areas, even those that I had neglected at one time.

The Salty Dog Can’t Hide From Us

I obtained my Level One Certification in 2010. It was a great weekend that I still am in awe of. When I walked through the doors of the Maine State Police Academy in Vassalboro, Maine I had butterflies for the first time in a long time. I had studied and researched CrossFit for years at this point but still had never experienced the community that is CrossFit. Of course I had read Samy’s blog and liked to think of myself as a member of the Savage Society but they didn’t know that. I still had not visited the gym or even posted on their site. There were several big names in CrossFit at the time and as I walked into
the cert I realized that many of them would be instructing me that weekend. I hoped that all the time I spent alone in my basement attempting to perfect moves such as the air squat would pay off.

The certification went very well. I was extremely happy to learn that the work I put in had paid off when I was complimented on my squat form on the first day but I still had butterflies, we would be doing a group workout in the afternoon. This would be my first taste of what it was like to workout in the atmosphere of a CrossFit gym. The workout was a variation of Fran. We were divided into teams and had to complete a 400m run, a combined 250 thrusters, another 400m run and a combined 250
pull-ups. Only one team member was allowed to workout at a time. Once I got into the workout I realized that I had been missing out on a huge part of what CrossFit truly is.

There is nothing like the feeling of being cheered on by others who are experiencing the same pain that you are. To be around people that share the same outlook as you is an amazing motivator. I left my certification with a new respect for CrossFit and all those that take part in it.

The CrossFit community still continues to amaze me and yes I have finally stepped foot in the Savage Society. Samy has even given me the honor of helping to coach some of the On-Ramp Programs. I would like to think that I add a unique perspective to coaching due to the path that I took to get here. While I do not get to CrossFit New Hampshire as much as I would like I consider many members as part of my family. I learn something new every time I step foot in the gym whether from one of the trainers or from one of the athletes working out alongside me. I am truly amazed at the accomplishments I see on a daily basis, whether that is the person putting up a PR or just completing that extra rep before putting a bar down.

I encourage all new CrossFitters to take the time to explore the message boards and the CrossFit Journal. These were invaluable tools to me during my CrossFit journey. At the same time I hope that all CrossFitters embrace the community and remember how it
was when they first started. Challenge yourself and those around you every time you step foot in the gym.”


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“…My journey started about two years ago when my husband introduced me to the basic fundamentals of Crossfit. We have a gym of our own, however as stubborn as I am, I wouldn’t listen to a damn thing he said. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t lift any weight, I hated “the Snatch” and I just wasn’t getting any of the fundamentals down. At least that is the way it was in my brain. He got fed up with me and introduced me to CrossFit New Hampshire, where he said that I would like it. He was following this “Samy” person for years and thought that I would be a good fit there. I signed up for the On Ramp class, where I thought I would be making a fool out of myself. I was hoping to show Derek that I am not incapable of learning, and I wanted him to know that this is something that we could do together. CrossFit IS fun he kept telling me, but I was lost of self confidence. I didn’t want to be a failure in my husband’s eyes.

So On Ramp I went – and got my butt kicked, yet I returned day after day after day. I met some really great people there, and they quickly became friends. In August, of last year, I found this program that is specific to “Females on the front lines”. In this program, we live with the Special Forces. It’s a groundbreaking program, and I was going to attend an Assessment and Selection. I went to Samy with the idea, knowing he was part of my new found family, and that he is full of experience in his past career. To help me prepare for selection, Samy hosted a 24 hour open gym session where we did a WOD every hour on the hour. This helped me find my inner drive and realize that my body may be tired, yet my mind is stronger and I need to press on. I drove on through CrossFit New Hampshire’s training, rarely missing a day. Selection occurred in September, and during this hell, all I could think about was “Don’t quit” this is easy for you. I went on numerous unknown distance rucks, runs and all sorts of things. Believe it or not, it was a vast array of fundamental movements, from squatting this log, and carrying this awkward piece of equipment so on and so on.

All I can say is that here I am, today in the lovely mountains of AFG. I made it, and to know that with CrossFit New Hampshire, and my husband Derek’s drive, I can keep up with some of the most elite forces in the Army.”

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