Friday 01.15.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Row 2:00
II. Dynamic Mobility
Tall Duck Walk
Bear Crawl
Spider Man Lunges
Pike Walk
Lateral Lunges
III. Scorpions & Yoga Poses
IV. Mobility Drills (Band, Rig, Wall, lax ball mash)

Impact/Focus: Ping Pong Diane EMOTM
Complete the following EMOTM alternating tasks on the Odd and Even minutes as sown below. There are 6 intervals of each movement for 12 minutes of total work

12:00 of alternating EMOTM as follows:

Odd Minutes: 7 x Handstand Push-ups

Even Minutes: 7 x Deadlifts (225/155lbs)


  • Scaled Handstand Push-up work assignments today are Stinkbugs or Handstand Kick-ups with a static hold for time.
  • Scale weight on the deadlifts as necessary.

Post scores to comments.

Complete as many Rounds/Reps as possible in one cumulative score

Rx Training
3 Rounds of
5:00 AMRAP x 1:00 Rest

5 x Pull-ups
10 x Push-ups
15 x Air Squats

Rx+ Training
3 Rounds of
5:00 AMRAP x 1:00 Rest

1 x Rope Climb
5 x Handstand Push-ups
12 x Pistols (6 per leg, alt.L+R)


  • Begin each AMRAP where the previous one halted during the rest interval.
  • Scale Pull-ups as necessary to banded Pull-ups or Ring Row for today.
  • Push-up progressions will be put in place for athletes during today’s training.

Post scores to comments.

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