Thursday 09.22.2022

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Addisson motoring through some Strict Handstand Push-up training, YESSSS!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m
II. Posterior Chain, Squat, Ankle/Calf, Overhead Mobility Drills
III. Set-up, Training Flow & Movement Review

Impact/Focus: Overhead Squat
Movement Review, Remedial Drills & Warm-up x 5:00

6 Rounds, on the 2:30 of
Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-3-3


  • Beginner athletes should be working sets and reps with a focus on movement development and consistency/competency with lightweight (or PVC) as needed.
  • Rx Athletes should climb weight across sets as able. Stay salty.

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“Apple Cyanider”
For Time
Power Snatch (95/65lbs)
Burpees Over Bar


  • Burpees Over Bar today are performed with a jump over the bar (feet together) sans any directional requirement for the burpee other than ‘flat’.
  • Scale Power Snatch weight to permit barbell cycling in bigger sets.
  • Toes-to-Bar scaling will be covered during the whiteboard brief. Rx+ options will be alluded to in hushed, ominous tones at strategic moments throughout class times.

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