Thursday 07.13.2023

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Lisa, Bibiana & Justin are up in the morning to the rising sunnnnnnnnn [Imagine music notes emojis here] YESSSSS!!!!!
Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 2:00
II. Coach’s Choice**
III. Set-up, Training Flow & Movement Review

Impact/Focus: Rowing Foundations & 500m Time Trials
Rowing technique review and applied practice during the following prep intervals:

8 Rounds of :30 Work x :20 Rest
Rest 2:00
Row 500m x Time Trial

Notes: This would be considered a Benchmark performance standard.

Post scores to comments.

*MetCon 2-3 Round set-up/warm-up & Movement Review.
**Ensure the weightlifting components are warmed up/built to with respect to weight training performance and safety points.

“Igneous Rock”
7 Rounds for time
VS. 14:00 time cap

8 x Deadlift (225/155lbs)
10 x Burpees (Jump & touch rig, 1-Hand)
15 x Wallball (20/14lbs)

Notes: 14:00 Time Cap; Scale volume to 5 Rounds as needed for this training evolution. Newer athletes working the combination of work capacity and accuracy/coordination with the Wallball movement may be scaled to 10 reps per round as individual skill level may dictate. Utilizing the time cap as a gauge for whether 7 Rounds is feasible as an intended carrot for those taking out their work capacity in a new way today. Rx+ 7 Rounds for time, 2-hand touch to rig &/or wear armor for all three movements in today’s training MetCon. Deadlift weight may be scaled as heavy as 315/225lbs.

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