For over 15 years, I was on an “on and off” exercise and nutrition journey. I joined gyms, tried Zumba, took spinning classes, walked an average of 26 miles a week for about 8 months, South Beach Diet, and Weight Watchers. You name it I tried it.

In 2015, a friend encouraged me to try a CrossFit class at CrossFit New Hampshire. She told me lifts and workouts were easily scaled to meet individual needs. She also told me CrossFit New Hampshire was different from any other CrossFit box. She said the coaches were knowledgable and attentive. I attended a “Bring a Friend” class. She could not have been so right!

I had finally reached a point where I needed to take my wellness journey seriously. I joined CrossFit New Hampshire in April 2015. What an amazing journey this has been! I’ve accomplished a lot in two years, from lifting more than my bodyweight on my front squat, back squat and deadlifts to toes-to-bar to finally climbing a 13 foot rope. I will never forget the day I rang the bell at the top. The coaches, my 6 PM community and pure adrenaline got me up that rope, not once but three times. What a feeling!

In June 2016, I decided to take on the nutrition part of my journey under the guidance of Coach Samy. This past year, I lost 32 Ibs and reduced my body fat by 5.45%. I have lost over 40 Ibs at my heaviest. Nutrition continues to be a work in progress. I continue to learn something new every time I talk with Coach Samy.

I love being part of CrossFit New Hampshire for the support both in the gym and within our community. CrossFit New Hampshire’s decision in 2016 to support “One Day of Community” (collaboration between Manchester Fisher Cats and Manchester Christian Church to provide back packs with school supplies for under-resourced children in Manchester) started out with 12 back packs. It quickly grew to 30 packs. CrossFit New Hampshire and its athletes ended up filling 45 packs. In 2017, the CrossFit New Hampshire community filled 86 back packs.

My wellness journey with CrossFit New Hampshire has been a lot of work and a great learning experience. My accomplishments could not have happen without the knowledge, guidance, encouragement and support from the coaches (Samy, Ashley and Chase) and the CrossFit New Hampshire community.

CrossFit is not about lifting the heaviest weight or losing that pound, it’s about making healthy lifestyle changes that will stay with you for a lifetime and being part of something greater than yourself. I am 47 years old. I can not remember the last time I felt this healthy and strong! I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish in the next year. Handstands are just around the corner!

UPDATE: Heidi has now mastered kicking up into a handstand!!

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