CrossFit HQ

CrossFit HQ puts out a variety of media for the general public. They publish new articles, videos, and content that cover various topics in the world of CrossFit and health & fitness. Reading and watching their content will only help you build your knowledge base.

Massage/Body Work

Massages or body work can aide in recovery for athletes. Getting a regular massage once a month (or more) can help reduce soreness and risk of injury while increasing mobility.

  • Progressive Rehab Massage Therapy - Steph Bedaw provides a variety of therapeutic massage and body work techniques. She is located in Nashua, practicing out of CrossFit Nashua. A number of our athletes have been going to Steph for years and can provide testimonials of her services.


The foundation of your level of fitness can be traced back to your nutritional choices outside the gym. There are numerous resources available about different diets. Here are a few links to help you get started. If you would like more individualized attention, please talk to one of our coaches.


While we offer mobility before, during, and after every class, we encourage our athletes to mobilize and stretch at home. Doing so during your daily routine is only going to benefit your performance inside the gym. Below are a few great resources that provide routines you can follow at home.