I’ve spent many years of my life on a careless spiral of self-destruction. This self-destruction took a serious toll on my physical body, and mental health. After reaching a low point in my life, I turned to a spiritual path. This journey led me to martial arts. I had a co-worker that was doing Crossfit, he constantly asked me to go check his gym out.

My own self-judgments kept me from walking though the fear and entering the doors of CrossFit New Hampshire. I finally walked through the fear and signed up for the on-ramp course. I was pleasantly surprised at the detailed instructions for proper weight lifting techniques and camaraderie that the staff of CrossFit New Hampshire greeted me with.

I thought that I was in shape doing 5 years of martial arts training, but I quickly found that my physical fitness had just begun. At this time I was visiting a chiropractor twice per week due to herniated discs in my back. After working out for a couple of weeks, along side the intense stretching and mobility regiment that is taught at CFNH, my back pain began to disappear.

I became addicted after walking in one morning and seeing a work out written on the white board that I was sure I would not be able to finish. Half way through I began struggling mentally with self-judgment. The owner of the gym came over to me looking up at the pull-up bar. He looked at me and said “You will be amazed at what your body can do when you don’t listen to your mind.” I began to do one pull-up at a time, and finished the workout. After I finished every single member of the gym came up to me to fist bump me in congratulate me me for completion. This is what sealed the deal for me. I was now with a family. Whenever I struggle with a workout there is someone to push me.

CrossFit New Hampshire has not only taught me how to get stronger, but has shown me how to build self-confidence that follows me wherever I go. I view the money I pay for my monthly membership as health insurance.  This is one style of workouts that never gets old. I’m constantly finding new challenges, and without CFNH I would never of believed that I could achieve them.