I joined the Army in 2006, and during my initial training I developed a moderate fitness level, but always hated doing PT the “Army way” because it was the same for everyone regardless of their fitness level, and did not promote anything other than a very basic level of fitness.

In 2010 I deployed overseas to Kuwait, and they were running a CrossFit program at the gym on post, so I decided to give it a try. After about 15 minutes I remarked, “Wow that was a good workout” to which the instructor laughed and said “that was only the warm-up”.

From the very first WOD I was hooked, and I have been CrossFitting at least 3-5 days a week since 2011. My favorite thing about CrossFit is that you can always challenge yourself with new movements (or ones that you haven’t mastered) and it never gets any easier. Once you develop new skills, you increase the difficulty for yourself because you lose the ability to scale that movement.

I completed my CrossFit Level 1 in 2013 and have now been a coach at CFNH since 2016. I am in constant awe of the athletes at CrossFit New Hampshire, and look forward to helping all of our current and future members in our never ending pursuit of better fitness!