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DSC_0101Saturday Open Gym Hours: 9-11am
Come by and slay a WOD that you may have missed this past week, establish 1,3,5,10 etc rep records (maximums) for heavy lifts to prepare for upcoming strength rotations, work on skill development… Or if the fancy strikes simply grab a prowler sled, some additional weight, and haze thyselves with the following options.

Four Prowler Challenges
From the mind of Jim Wendler
Choose from the following and get after it, freaks.

Prowler Challenge #1
Number of Sprints – 6
Rest period of each sprint – 60 seconds
Distance of each sprint– 40 yards
Weight on Prowler – 140lbs total
Alternate between horns (vertical black posts) and highest low handle.

With this Prowler challenge, you will sprint 40 yards with your hands on the horns, rest 60 seconds, and the sprint back 40 yards while on the highest low handle. You will rest another 60 seconds and start the dumbness again. Go until you’ve done 6 total sprints: 3 on the horns and 3 on the low handles.

Prowler Challenge #2
Number of sprints/walks – 10
Distance of each sprint/walk – 30 yards
Rest period between sprints – 60 seconds to forever
Weight on Prowler – varies between
All sets done on the Horns

Descriptions of each set:
Set 1-2: 90lb
Set 3-4: 180lb
Set 5-6: 270lb
Set 7-8: 360lb
Set 9-10: 450lb

You will push the Prowler down and back for 30 yards with one 45 pound plate per horn, then down and back with 2 plates, etc. Keep going in this manner until you reach 5 plates per side.

Prowler Challenge #3
Weight: 90-180lbs (your choice)
Distance: Try for ¼ to ½ mile
Rest periods: Whatever and whenever…just finish the workout

Prowler Challenge #4
This one probably sucks the most out of all of them. This will give you the Prowler flu and the Prowler hangover. With this Prowler challenge, you’ll be pushing (walking) for time, not distance.

Push Prowler for 4 minutes, no stopping
Rest 1 minute
Push Prowler for 4 minutes, no stopping
Rest 1 minute
Push Prowler for 4 minutes, no stopping
Rest forever

Post selections and scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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