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10987304_909010549144945_1250197663102627865_nWarm-up Drills
I. Row 2:00
II. 2-3 rounds of
5 x Pull-ups
7 x Hollow Rocks
10 x Medicine Ball Cleans (40/20)
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus #1: Weighted Pull-ups
Athletes should choose one of the options below that best fits their current level of progression. Each athlete should warm up with 3 sets x 5 reps.

I. Weighted Pull-ups 2-2-1-1-1-1RM
II. Pull-ups 10-8-6-4-2
III. Individual Pull-up Progression Work

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Impact/Focus #2: Push Press
Warm-up as needed before completing the workload below. Athletes will be using their current 5RM Push Press set on 07.16.2015.

Push Press 3×5 (80% of 5RM)

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“Action Potential”
Complete 4 rounds for time of
Row 250m
7 x Hang Cleans (155/115lbs)

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