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11781799_1096840400329495_4246578085446351591_nWarm-up Drills
I. R0w 500m
II. 6:00 Dynamic Mobility
25ft Duck Walk
25ft Crab Walk
25ft Bear Crawl
25ft Inchworms
25ft Pike Walk
25ft Lateral Lunges
III. Mobility

The goal is to lift 10,000/7,500 lbs as fast as possible, but only using one rep at a time, of the following lifts:

1 x Back Squat
1 x Bench Press
1 x Power Clean

Notes: You can use any weight on the lifts and it can be done in any amount of rounds. The goal is to lift 10,000/7,500 lbs. Only one rep may be performed per movement at a time and in the order shown above.

Post times and weights used for each movement to comments.

“Ostrich Eggs”
Run 200m
For Time: 50 x Slamball (40/20)
Run 200m
AMRAP ___ Minutes x Slamball
Run 200m

Notes: Time for AMRAP (As many reps as possible) is time it took the athlete to complete 50 x Slamball for time.

Post time and reps completed to comments.

Skill Development
CFNE Bulletproof Shoulders: DEMO Here

Samy Daghir

4 thoughts on “08.05.2015”

  1. 10,000lbs: 23 rounds @ 195/115/135 in 18:xx (going from memory). Note to self for next time: go heavier and partition more to bench and clean.

    Ostrich Eggs: 2:40/43/8:04 (didn’t find a single egg)

  2. “7,500 pounds”(which ended up being 8,400 due to horrible math skills) – 30 rounds/43:02 @ 130/70/80

    “Ostrich Eggs” 3:09/38/12:41 – thank you to Daniel for being my time/score keeper, and to Samy for walking the last 200m with me after I tweaked a muscle.


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