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IMG_0582Warm-up Drills
I. Run
II. 2-3 rounds of
5 x Pull-ups
7 x SDLHP (24/16)
10 x KB Swings
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Deadlift 5-5-5 (Wk8 Deload)
Work through the following sets of Deadlift using the percentage based sets outlined below.
To determine loads use 5-rep Deadlift established on 01.06.2017 linked HERE.

5 x 40% (warm-up)
5 x 55% (warm-up)
5 x 70% (warm-up)
3 x 5 reps (30-40 lbs less than previous week)

Notes: Use your previously established Deadlift 5RM to determine loads for today. We will continue to stress the importance of all athletes keeping an accurate record of their numbers from the previous week. Whether this is through a notebook, mobile app, or the Triib software, please put forth the effort so that you can benefit the most this strength progression.

1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

Post loads to comments.

Complete 3 rounds for time of
Row 500m
15 x Burpees
15 x Slamball (40/20)

Post times to comments.

Skill Development
Refine kipping technique in preparation of 17.2.

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