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IMG_0123Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m
II. 6:00 Dynamic Mobility
25ft Duck Walk
25ft Crab Walk
25ft Bear Crawl
25ft Inchworms
25ft Spider Lunge
10 x Scorpion Stretch
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Push or Split Jerk
Warm up as needed (3 sets x 5 reps) before completing the workload below.

Push or Split Jerk x 5-4-3-2-1RM

Notes: Athletes should attempt to increase weight for each set, working up to a maximum effort single repetition Push Jerk. Unless strange ritualistic nature kicks in these sets should come from the rack versus the floor. Get some, freaks.

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“Volume Frequencies”
6 Rounds for time
12 x American KB Swings (32/24kg)
40 x Double-unders

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Skill Development
I. Mobility work
II. Myofascial Release (Roll and mash/smash)

Samy Daghir

4 thoughts on “04.13.2017”

  1. “Split Jerk 5-4-3-2-1”: 135# x 1
    “Volume Frequencies” : 18:36 24kg
    That took longer than was necessary….but, getting there.

    Katelyn……missed you being there when such a lovely photo was posted on today’s page. I definitely recognize that position!!!


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