Monday Home WOD 03.30.2020

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Temporary Closing of All Classes through MAY 4th due to New Hamshire Governor Chris Sununu issuing a Stay at Home Order as the state attempts to slow the coronavirus spread.


YouTube Channel Video progress…. Link found HERE.

Programming note for this blog’s readership: There are options for athletes in three categories of environments. We have the barbell/garage gym athletes, the creative/limited gear athletes, and the living room savages out there; there will be options for each of these noted in the posts and videos which are now found on the CrossFit New Hampshire YouTube channel.

We strive to consistently develop a better virtual product for our community, all improvements are/will be based on the wonderful feedback we’ve had thus far.

Warm-up Drills
I. Run/Row/Bike/Jumprope of choice x
4-5:00 through work/rest efforts or straight through
II. Dynamic Drills, Yoga Poss, Foam Rolling
(**see last few posts for the written version of these and/or check out the video demos)

Impact/Focus: Monday Means SQUAT…
OPTION 1: Barbell Front Squat 
Every 2 to 3:00 minutes for 7 Rounds as follows
5-3-3-3-1-1-1 x Front Squat (as heavy as able, climbing weight)

Notes: For those with access to barbells and weights perform the workload above after warming up independently to a minimum of 65%1rm x 3 reps (especially important to do this if Garage Ninjas are planning on going hard and heavy).

OPTION 2: Other Weighted Variations
Reps & seconds hold per set/round, on the minute (:60)
Rest 2:00

Notes: -One or two Dumbbells/Kettlebells in the front rack position/goblet position.
-Perform a hold at the bottom of each rep for the same number of seconds as the total reps for that set. Example: 5 reps, each with a :05 hold at the bottom. If there are multiple dumbbells/KB weights available then increase as able across sets. Extra points for those with creative and clever ideas that suit progressive and challenging loading held in the front of the body during squatting… get after it!
-Want to hit it again because it was an awesome training challenge? Goooood, try 5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 reps Left arm + Right arm etc… alternating each round which arm is used complete a set of one arm overhead squats, increasing weight if able, same time for the holds at the bottom of each rep. Tab this one for future re-visits.

Option 3: Air Squat & Pistol Variations
Rest 2:00

-Perform a :05-4-3-2-1 second hold respectively across sets at the bottom of each rep. Example: 10 reps, each with a :05 hold at the bottom. It’s going to burnnnnnnn us into a better squat position and depth… Yesssssss.
-Pistol progressions would have an athlete set a box or target height for pistol depth at that where control and hammy (posterior chain) engagement remains constant and capable. For those performing these one legged squats as a skill development omitting the hold for time aspect may be prudent if sitting to a target.

Post scores/feedbacks to comments.

“Double HAMRAP”
Complete AMRAP vs 8:00 of
9 x Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
9 x Push-ups
9 x Air Squats

Rest 2:00

Complete AMRAP vs 8:00 of
9,12,15,18,12… +3 ea. Round x Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
9,12,15,18,12… +3 ea. Round x Push-ups
9,12,15,18,12… +3 ea. Round x Air Squats

Notes: Ideally we have a KB and can safely execute American KB Swings. If this is not the case a two had hold for a single dumbbell works well at Russian Swing heigh (eye level). It is important to not interlace the fingers during this type of movement as it may be a dangerous to the digits. Heavier single Dumbbell available? Go with the Russian swings. Lighter side weight? Try doubling the reps and using the hand to hand switch we learned and trained this past Friday (shameless video plug to our YouTube channel…).
Push-ups scale best to either snake with controlled negative (Tight core!) or elevated hand position like we do in the gym with foam mats or plyo boxes for some of our athletes.
Air Squat Scaling? After all that impact/focus work prepping those wheels (fitness slang: legs) its time to get after it in this AMRAPs.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

3 thoughts on “Monday Home WOD 03.30.2020”

  1. I’m a few days behind because I’ve been ridiculously sick and I finally got my home gym set up.

    Front squat option #1: worked up to a heavy single of 80kg/176#

    Double Hamrap: 6 rounds
    I only did the first 8 minutes, all my body could handle today. Scaled pushups to elevated on a box to lessen elbow pain. Was pleased to discover I could do American KB swings without hitting my ceiling. ????


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