Monday Home WOD 04.13.2020

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Zoomies! Join us for the ‘remote’ experience…

Warm-up Drills (General Guide)
I. Run/Row/Bike/Jumprope of choice x
4-5:00 through work/rest efforts or straight through
II. Dynamic Drills, Yoga Poss, Foam Rolling

**The following is a Warm-up concept example for at Home Training**

I. Movements & Drills x 2 Rounds
20 x Jumping Jacks
20 seconds x Hollow Rocks
10 x Plank/Handstand Hold Shoulder Taps

II. Dynamics x 2 Rounds
20 x Pike Walk
20 x Tall Duck Walk
10 x Spider Lunge
10 x Scorpions
:30 x Seal Stretch & Down Dog Per Leg for Calves
Thread the needle shoulder and chest stretches on the floor

III. Mobility & ‘Stretches’
Perform band or strap Hammy, Groin, ITB Strtech
:30 to 1:00 lunge (hip flexor emphasis) per side
Roll-out Quads! IT Bands, Hammier, etc.
Roll-out t-spine, overhead and bear bug positions to prepare for the overhead pressing in the WOD below
Roll-out the medial glutes via figure four position on the roller (ie slang as ‘upper-side butt’)
Spend two efforts of :30 or 1:00 straight through in the bottom of a squat, back to wall or in the open, use a goblet weight hold to help mobility.
Couch Stretch x 1:00 per side!
10 Back Bridges from the floor, glute activation emphasis

“SYLB Workout 2”
For time
100 x Double-unders
21 x Burpees

75 x Double-unders
15 x Burpees

50 x Double-unders
9 x Burpees

Post scores to comments.

Extra Credit Training
10:00 AMRAP of
Alternating sides every rep complete as many as possible in the time allotted of

Turkish Get-ups (choose weight wisely)

Post scores to comments.

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