Tuesday 12.01.2020

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Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m
II. 2 Rounds of
5 x Pull-ups or Ring Rows (Deadhang)
10 x Push-ups
15 x Air Squats (Bench/Wall Therapy)
III. Mobility & Yoga Poses

Impact/Focus: Full or Power Clean Option Doubles
Warm-up as needed before working through 2 rep sets of Full or Power Cleans.

8 Rounds of

2 x Full or Power Clean


  • Today may be performed at the same weight for all working sets (80% range) or climbing every 1-2 rounds.
  • Emphasis will be on proficiency and practice in Pulling Under the Bar into a strong and capable receiving position.
  • Full Cleans are on the Menu next Tuesday.
  • Athletes will have 15:00 to lift; the clock will mark every 2:00 as guidance or as a tempo option for those who wish to work on a timed interval instead of open ended.

Post scores to comments.

“Angie, Interrupted”
Complete for time

12 x Clean Grip Ground-to-Overhead (135/95lbs)
Then… Complete without partitioning
50 x Pull-ups
50 x Push-ups
50 x Abmat Sit-ups
50 x Air Squats

9 x Clean Grip Ground-to-Overhead (135/95lbs)
20-15-10-5 reps of
Abmat Sit-ups
Air Squats

6 x Clean Grip Ground-to-Overhead (135/95lbs)


  • Scale load and movements as necessary.
  • Scaling should facilitate repetitions for all movements at 1:1 for today.

Post scores to comments.

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