Thursday 04.15.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Row 2:00
II. Dynamic Series
– Tall Duck Walk
– Walking Calf Raises
– Pike Walk
– Spiderman Lunges w/ Samson Stretch
– Stiff Leg Bear Crawl
– Alternating Lateral Lunges
III. Scorpion/Yoga Sandwich
IV. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: Alternating Dumbbells
Warm-up and review form and technique for the Turkish Get-up & the 1-arm Dumbbell Hang Snatch before working through the following (ie. Shoulders over the weight to ensure leverage on the Pull…)

5 Rounds of the following

2:00 x 2-4 reps of Turkish Get-ups (Climb weight or maintain)
1:00 x 10 reps of 1-arm Dumbbell Snatch (5L+5R,alt.)

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Complete for time versus am 18:00 time cap
Run 400m
30 x Burpees
30 x Abmat Sit-ups
Run 400m
2 Rounds of
15 x Burpees
15 x Abmat Sit-ups
Run 400m
3 Rounds of
10 x Burpees
10 x Abmat Sit-ups

Notes: Rx+ substitutes Reverse Burpees for the Abmat Sit-ups.

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Samy Daghir

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