Thursday 06.03.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 500m
II. Foam Rolling
III. Dynamic Series
IV. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: The Turkish Get-up Benchmark
Complete for time vs a 12:00 time cap
30 x Turkish Get-ups (15 per side, alternating each rep)


  • Rx will be 50/35lb Dumbbells or 24/16kg Kettlebells respectively.
  • Scale the weight and adjust the pace during the 12:00 time cap in order to ensure movement confidence and competency are developed prior to an impetus to achieve a given ‘time’; score total reps if the time limit is reached before the 30 rep goal.
  • Athletes will also be encouraged to try the Medicine Ball variation (held one arm in front rack) or the Sandbag variation (over the shoulder).
  • If athletes finish with enough time left and are already primed for part 2 below then they are more than willing to test out these additional challenging variation movements.
  • “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”
  • Rx+ 32/24kg.

Post scores to comments.

AMRAP 16:00 of
Row 500/350m
25 x Wallball
25 x Abmat Sit-ups (butterfly)


  • Scaled today will include the following volume modification if the Rx movement standards/weights are still being learned and developed for consistency by the athlete.
  • The Scaled WOD format,
    Row 500/350m
    15 x Wallball (scaled)
    20 x Abmat Sit-ups
  • The Rx+ WOD format,
    Row 500/350m
    40 x Wallball (20/14lbs)
    25 x GHD Sit-ups

Post scores to comments.

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