Friday 08.06.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m
II. Foam Rolling & Dynamic Series
III. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: Snatch Select, Power or Full
Warm up as needed with sets of 1-2 reps, moving from an empty barbell through two light to moderate weight sets in order to prepare for the following workload.

Select from the following options for the athlete’s choice of a Power or Full Snatch barbell movement.

Vs. 15:00 Clock
A. 8 to 12 sets of 1 rep each, building to a new 1RM
B. 8 sets of 1 rep @ same weight across, 75 to 85% 1RM

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“No Molasses”
For time

Run 800m
5 Rounds of
8 x Snatch (115/85lbs)
12 x Push-ups w/ Hand Release
Run 400m


  • Scale weights to facilitate touch and go reps today.
  • Athletes may look for a working weight of 60% based on the best set from the Impact/Focus as guidance on metcon selections.
  • Rx+ may scale up to Plyo Push-ups or Ring Dips today if able to execute to the movement Rx standards.

Post scores to comments.

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