Monday 11.08.2021

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Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m or Row 500m
II. Foam Rolling & Dynamic Series
III. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: Clean Complex & Foundations

Warm-up sets, reps & technique review x 5:00

Then… 9 Rounds total on the :75 seconds as follows;

3 Rounds, on the :75 seconds of
2 reps x Power Clean + 2 reps x Push Jerk + 2 reps x Front Squat

3 Rounds, on the :75 seconds of
1 reps x Power Clean + 1 reps x Push Jerk + 1 reps x Front Squat

3 Rounds, on the :75 seconds of
2 x Squat Clean & Jerk

*Same weight across sets/reps; challenging at a moderate load.
*Reseting the start position after each rep or using a touch and go style are both viable for today’s training.

Post scores to comments.

“Fall Back and Get-up”
Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 12:00 of

5 x Front Squat (135/95lbs)
10 x Pull-ups
20 x Double-unders

Notes: Scale load as needed, x2 reps for Single-unders. Ring Rows or banded Pull-ups @ 12 reps per round. Rx+ 155/105lbs, 10 x C2B Pull-ups and 35 x Doubles per round.

Post scores to comments.

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