Tuesday 12.28.2021

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Sylvia, Gran, Tim & Whitney going all dizzy bat beast mode during the “Nightmare Before Christmas” WOD, YESSSSS!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m + 30 x Hollow Rocks
II. Dynamic Series & ROMWOD Poses
III. Mobility Drills

Impact/Focus: Back Squat Triples
Warm-up as needed with sets and reps building to a light to moderate 3 rep Back Squat; ie. 60-75% of a Back Squat 1RM.

6 Rounds on the 2:30 of
Back Squat x 3 reps (75% of 1RM)

*Option 1: Climb weight across sets and reps towards the best 3 rep for the day or a PR attempt.
**Option 2: Work through all sets/reps at 75% of a 1RM.

Post scores to comments.

“Well Salted”
5 Rounds for max Kcal/Reps per movement;

:30 x Max Kcal Row
Rest :20
:30 x Max Reps GHD/Abmat Sit-ups
Rest :20
:30 x Max Reps Pull-ups/Ring Row
Rest :20
:30 x Max Reps Squat Jumps
Rest :20

Notes: The Squat Jump is from one hand touching the floor in a power squat position, jump and touch the rig overhead with the opposite hand. Practice sitting back with the hips in a rebound landing stance seeking a fluidity across reps. Don’t panic, demo pending.

Post scores as total reps/kcal per movement to comments.

Samy Daghir

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