Thursday 03.31.2022

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Alison does seem to really enjoy Thrusters from time to time. Maybe a bit more than most. This is why we get along. Yessssss!

Warm-up Drills
I. Jump Rope Single-unders x
II. Foam Rolling & Dynamics
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Clean & Jerk EMOTM
Every minute on the minute, work through the following sets and points of performance. There are 10 working rounds total.

Every minute on the minute (EMOTM) x 10:00
1 x Full Clean & Jerk


I know we have a few readers in the crew… so here ya go, ninjas.
Full Clean intentions begin today begin with identifying an appropriate starting weight. We should be attempting to work at 60% or heavier beginning on the first working interval with this weight. From here athletes may attempt to climb weight across sets if their goal is seeking a one rep best heavy lift on the day or as an all-time personal record. A different but very much as challenging approach for today is also a method of assessing whether we’ve got enough reps and gains logged to even warrant single rep max out; all 10 Rounds at a challenging weight with no misses. While guidelines above did note a low end of 60% as a target weight, we would consider the gold standard for the 10×1 to be between 85-90%. This would mean a trip to PR Land is pending.

Post scores to comments.

For time
50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Abmat Sit-ups (anchored or butterfly)


  • Anchor feet for the Abmat Sit-ups with dumbbells.
  • There is a hard 15:00 time cap for today’s benchmark.
  • Compare this Benchmark to 10.13.2020 (linked HERE).
  • Rx+ is “Ballistic Annie” which is shown below;

“Ballistic Annie”

For time
50-40-30-20-10 x Double-unders
50-40-30-20-10 x Abmat Sit-ups (butterfly)
Then, Immediately into:
30-30-30-30-30 x Double-unders
15-20-25-30-35 x Ballistic Sit-ups
(w/2 x Dumbbells to anchor feet & Medicine Ball to throw and catch off wall between reps)

Notes: Intermediate variation may be selected as follows; include a 1:1 substitution of Slamballs for the Ballistic Abmat Sit-up as an intermediate training stimulus between the Rx and Rx+ options today. Pretty hard-“core”, regardless of which version is undertaken. Pun intended.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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