Monday 04.04.2022

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Mckenzy goes ballistic last week post ‘Annie’ Benchmark WOD, yesssss!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 2 minutes
II. 2 Rounds of
10 x Hollow Rocks
10 x Air Squat
10 x Down Dog to Seal Stretch
III. 2 Rounds of
10 x PVC Pass Throughs
3 reps per Position Snatch Start (3 x positions)
II. Dynamics & Mobility
*Armbar Stretch, KB Sink Drill, Lax Ball w/ test+re-test PVC Pass Throughs

Impact/Focus: Power Snatch 7 x 2
Warm-up Sets/Reps x 5 Minutes
(1-3 rep sets building to working weight)

12:00 working time to complete 7 Rounds of the following
1 to 2 reps x Power Snatch (70-80%)
(Maintain the same working weight across sets)

Post scores to comments.

“Whip Scream”
5 Rounds for time
10 x Power Snatch (75/55lbs)
10 x Bar Facing Burpees
30 x Double-unders

Notes: Scaling and Rx+ options will be covered during the whiteboard brief. Weight selections should permit working touch and go style with the Power Snatch movement.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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