Wednesday 06.08.2022

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Gettin’ sum during “MURPH”

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 3:00
II. On The Minute Drills
1:00 x Saddle(-ish)
1:00 x Pigeon L
1:00 x Pigeon R
1:00 x Cobra Stretch
1:00 x Figure-4 L
1:00 x Figure-4 R
1:00 x Couch L
1:00 x Couch R
1:00 x Shoulder/Chest Opener L
1:00 x Shoulder/Chest Opener L

Impact/Focus: Turkish Get-up AMRAP
12:00 Running Clock

Max Reps x Turkish Get-ups (alternate sides each rep)

Notes: Target volume is 24-30 reps total for the 12:00. Log the best three weights lifted across the sets and reps. For a weight to be completed it must be performed successfully on with the Right and Left Arms. Climbing weight, sustaining weight for multiple sets, or adjusting lighter as needed are at the athlete’s discretion.

Post scores to comments.

Turkish Get-up video link found HERE.

“Red Herring”
Complete the following in as few ‘Tabata’ intervals as possible.
1 interval is :20 work x :10 rest

Row 1000m
60 x Burpees
60 x Slamball
or 120 x Hammer Strikes (60 per side)

Notes: Alternate between movements or storm through ‘chipper’ style; beware the herring.

Post intervals to complete to comments.

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