Wednesday 07.27.2022

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Lisa, Jeremy & Justin working upon that 10 Rep Max Back Squat discovery, YESSSSSS! (today we count simpler)

Warm-up Drills
I. 2-3 Rounds of
Run 200m
10 x Scap Push-ups
15 x Hollow Rocks
:30 x Seal Stretch
II. Coach’s Choice
III. Mobility & Movement Review

Notes: Run technique and efficiency drills during run sets: Figure 4 Position, Foot Pulls, ankles & Hips, staying strong not tight in the lower back, additional points per audience demands.

Impact/Focus: Dumbbell Press 1RM
*Technique Review and Points of Performance will addresss the skill transfer and challenge differences between the Barbell and Dumbbell Variations of this lift.

8 Rounds, on the 1:30
Dumbbell Press x 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1RM


  • Instruction Brief Coaching Goal; 2 x Practical Application Oriented Lightweight Sets for each athlete with feedback for movement refinement provided.
  • Instruction and movement refinement/practice will be during the 5:00 set-up/Warm-up period prior to the start clock’s working intervals.
  • Start as light as needed so that the first four rounds facilitate additional loading increments and prime the performance of single reps; finishing with establishment of a one rep max.
  • This is a two Dumbbell Movement.

Post score to comments.

For time

Run 800m
12-9-6-3 x Power Clean (95/65lbs)
12-9-6-3 x Push Jerk (95/65lbs)
12-12-12-12 x Bar Facing Burpees


  • Scale load as needed to a Benchmark set weight that permits multiple rep sets for each of the respective weightlifting movements.
  • The Run distance may be scaled as needed.
  • Rx+ Run 1 mile, Then 12-9-6-3 @135/95lbs for the Power Cleans and Push Jerks; the Bar Facing Burpees are 15 reps per round.
  • Example: After completing the run distance athletes will perform 12 x Power Cleans, 12 x Push Jerks & 12 x Burpees before moving into the round of 9,9,12 reps respectively, etc.

Post scores to comments.

Skill Development
Work on applying running technique covered during the warm-up running above via 200-800m Run, simply walking any distance for a cooldown today would yield notable benefits to recovery and vibes of Yahtzee. What was that? A question? … Of course athletes are welcome to up the ante and stomp out a one mile jaunt if anyone is still feeling motivationally frisky after the metcon.

Samy Daghir

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