Thursday 08.25.2022

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Grant puts the Capital “G” in this Roman-esque Core Exercise…

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 2:00 (Tempo Emphasis @1s:2s)
II. ROMWOD: “20220729 – Lower Body”

Impact/Focus: Gymnastic Row & Dip Alt.EMOTM
*Warm-up, Ring or Matador Set-up, Movement Review & Scaled Progressions x 4-6:00


Complete 8 to 10 Rounds,

On 1:00 Intervals, Alternating between the following Odd/Even Round assignments:

Odd Rounds: 3-7 Reps x Static Rack Row
Even Rounds: 3-7 Reps x Ring Dips or Matador Dips,


  • Look to excute the same volume across sets while managing work, rest, and movement priorities to ensure each effort is sharper than the one prior.
  • Select band usage may apply for those athletes moving into the next level of ability & capacity for the Ring Dip/Dip Ring Competency movement series.
  • Bar set-up at variable height for athletes to perform a strict ‘Rack Static Row’ (ie. Ring Row with a bar or barbell set-up in the rack).

Post scores to comments.

“Knotical Trial”
For time

Row 500m
15-12-9-6 x Ring Dips
15-12-9-6 x Ring Row
30-24-18-12 x GHD Sit-ups

Finish with an all-out, maximal effort, 500m Row


  • GHD Sit-ups scale reps today as 1:1.
  • Scale to unanchored, butterfly style Abmat Sit-up as needed.
  • An Intermediate Scaled movement option today is the Weighted/Med.Ball Abmat Sit-up (and throw off Wall).
  • Ring Dip and Ring Row scaling options will be covered during the whiteboard brief; referencing training from the Impact/Focus’ gymnastics work intervals would be highly encouraged.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

2 thoughts on “Thursday 08.25.2022”

  1. Impact/Focus: Gymnastic Row & Dip Alt.EMOTM
    Blue band matador 7 rep + row x 10

    Notes: Shakey but I can do it and make a full 90°

    • “Knotical Trial”

      Notes: subbed rows for goblet squat 30 lbs cause I couldn’t find any open bars or equipment to do rows on ???? everything else is Rx


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