Thursday 10.27.2022

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No lack of engine in the victors from Manchester Fire Department at this years Inferno!!!

Warm-up Drills
I. Row 500m or Run 400m
II. 3 Rounds of
5 x Push-ups
10 x Plate Squats (15/10#)
15 x Hollow Rocks
III. Posterior Chain, Lax Ball Drills & Overhead Mobility Drills
IV. Set-up, Training Flow & Movement Review

Impact/Focus: Push Press & Power Genesis
Warm-up sets and movement practice x 5:00

5 Rounds on the 2:30 of

Push Press x 3-3-3-3-3

*Build to your best lift on the day.
**Emphasis is on leg drive and core stability throughout. Climb weight as able without comprising these aspects of functional power production.

Post scores to comments.

“Just Keep Swimming”
15:00 AMRAP of

50 x Slamball
40 x Bumper Front Squat (45/35lbs)
30 x Bumper Ground-to-Overhead (45/35lbs)
20 x Elevated Push-ups
10 x Pull-ups

Notes: Scaling will be covered during the whiteboard brief.

Post scores to comments.

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