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Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice (Dynamics, Rounds & Reps, Games, etc.)
II. Set-up, Training Flow & Movement Review

Impact/Focus: Deadlift 5×5 Deload/Technique (WEEK 4)
Warm-up with sets and reps as needed building through the percentage based workload outlined below.
USE 1RM X .9 before determining weights for sets and reps… (said differently; subtract 10% off your 1 rep max before finding your set and rep percentages).

15:00 Running Clock:
Climb across sets to the 70% glass ceiling or warm-up to an intended weight within range and perform for sustained sets at the same lbs.

3 to 5 sets of 5 reps
@ 40 to 70% of an adjusted one rep max
(1RM x.9 = adjusted 1RM)

**Peer Pressure Extra Fun: After each set of Deadlift; Push the loaded barbell 40ft + 5 x Reverse Burpees Over Bar**


Post scores to comments.

Run 400m
Then… Partitioned as needed;
75 x Reverse Burpees
50 x Sandball Over Shoulder (60/40lbs)
50 x Incline Push-ups (Feet elevated on Sandball)
200ft x Sandball Carry (40ft)
*Run 400m Cooldown to finish*

Notes: Substitute 500m Row or .5 mile Air Bike for the Run as needed. Reverse Burpee scaling will be from a raised supine start position (mats) or a volume of assigned Abmat Sit-ups + Air Squats as needed. The Push-ups or Hands on the Sandball or a raised set-up for Push-up scaling will be options in place of the Incline Push-ups.

Post scores to comments.

Samy Daghir

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