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YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jenny’s invite doesn’t include the noted Age Group statement because she is in the big dog arena versus ALLLLLLL OF EM’.)

Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice (Dynamics, Rounds & Reps, Games, etc.)
II. Set-up, Training Flow & Movement Review

Impact/Focus: Bench Press ‘Target Select’
Warm-up sets, technique review and point of performance reinforcement. Attempt to set a heavy rep record as able for a selected target at 5 reps, 3 reps or 1 rep. Complete a drop set of 10 reps to finish the weightlifting and Rope Climb/Bench Press Impact/Focus portion of training.

Complete 8 Rounds of the following every 2:30
Bench Press x 7-6-5-4-3-2-1-10
Rope Climb x 1-3 reps or Established workload for technique development tasks

Notes: Climb weight across sets as able; rest with the rope technique as needed to maintain a sharpening prep effort range during the weightlifting, save the Moxy for the MetCon, freaks.

Post scores to comments.

“Storm Runners”
Complete for time
Run 400m
5 Rounds of
3-3-2-2-1 x Rope Climbs
21-18-15-12-9 x Burpees Jump to Rig
Then…Finish with;
Run 400m

Notes: Movement points of performance, scaling applications, and training intentions will be covered during the whiteboard brief.

Post scores to comments.

Video Resource Links:
The Legless Rope Climb
The Rope Climb (Wrapping)
The Rope Climb (Basket)


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