Monday 04.15.2024

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Happy Belated Birthday to Coach Anne! We can not appreciate you more, Anne! the way you have supported, built, developed and grown this beautiful community of fitness with us. You have become a ruthless athlete, mentor, teacher, coach and absolute pillar of this unreal CrossFit community. THANK YOU.

Warm-up Drills
I. Coach’s Choice (Dynamics, Rounds & Reps, Games, etc.)
*6:00 AMRAP of 10 x Deadbugs + 20 x Hollow Rocks + 30 x Jumping Jacks (‘touch-n-touch’)
II. Set-up, Training Flow & Movement Review

Impact/Focus: Back Squat
5:00 x … Warm-up sets, technique review and point of performance.

5 Rounds, on the 2:30 of
Back Squat x 3-3-3-3-3

Notes: Attempt to climb across sets, adjust weights up or down as needed. Upgrade option for Overhead Squat work; selecting the OHSQ option is a viable go for either/or the lifting or MetCon portions of training today.

Post scores to comments.

15:00 AMRAP of
Run 400m
Max Rep Set x Back Squat (135/95lbs)
Max Rep Set x Pull-ups
15 x GHD/Abmat Sit-ups

Notes: Back Squat/Overhead Squat max rep sets begin from the floor. Scaling, training intentions and additional details will be provided during the Whiteboard brief.

Post scores (rounds completed, best rep round/totals per movement) to comments.

Samy Daghir

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