The Abominable Strongman: January 16, 2015

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Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.59.11 PMJoin us in supporting those of our crew competing in CrossFit Tuff’s Abominable strongman Event January 16th!


Events and Rules

All weights are very close estimations and may not be exact.

Masters athletes will be competing with middleweight standards

Event 1 Press medley
60 second time limit, score is max reps.

Athlete will clean and press implements in order finishing with log, pressing for reps.

1. Dumbbell x1rep (Lww 60, Mww 70, Hww 80, Lwm 120, Mwm 140, Hwm 180)

2. Natural stone x1rep weights are closely approximate (Lww 70, Mww 80, Hww 90, Lwm 130, Mwm 150, Hwm 170)

3. Keg x1rep (Lww 75, Mww 100, Hww 125, Lwm 150, Mwm 175, Hwm 200)

4. Log clean once, press for reps (Lww 100, Mww 125, Hww 135, Lwm 200, Mwm 215, Hwm 230)

Must wait for judges commands.
Drops must be controlled touching the the hips or legs before floor, if not your last rep will not count.
Most reps wins.

Event 2 Axle Deadlift Last man standing:

30 seconds allowed per lifter, per attempt.
Must lock out and wait for judges down command, controlled, no drops.
Event will go until each division has maxed out.
Starting weights :
Lww 135
Mww 185
Hww 225
Lwm 300
Mwm 350
Hwm 400
Weight increases will be differ between classes.

Event 3 Tire and Sled medley:

60 second time limit.
Fastest time/ furthest distance wins.
Athlete will flip tire 50 feet, then push sled 50 feet.
Lww 350 tire / 250 sled
Mww 350 tire/ 300 sled
Hww 500 tire/ 350 sled
Lwm 500 tire/ 350 sled
Mwm 750 tire/ 400 sled
Hwm 750 tire/ 450 sled

Event 4 Odd object carry and load event:

90 second time limit
Athlete will pick up, carry a short distance and then load objects in order.
Objects will vary from tires, stones, sandbags, kegs, hydrants, etc.
Each division will have 5 implements for this event.
Winner will be determined by most objects/ fastest time.

*Divisions may be combined or split by number of athletes registered.
**Event details may change, this is strongman, train for the event guidelines and you’ll be fine.

Samy Daghir

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