Friday 07.26.2019

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We are striving to have our crew come together for our fourth year supporting the Manchester Community Church’s One Day of Community by donating and/or helping fill these backpacks for under resourced children in the Manchester area for the coming school year. First year 45, second year 86, third year 157… help us help them! ONLY A FEW DAYS REMAIN BEFORE THE BAGS HEAD BACK TO THE CHURCH AND THEN OUT TO THE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES!

Warm-up Drills
I. Run 400m
II. Coach’s Choice
III. Mobility

Impact/Focus: Deadlift & Burpee Alt. EMOTM
Warm-up to a working weight of 65-75% 1rm before completing the following workload Every minute on the minute for 14:00.

Odd minutes x 3 reps Deadlift @65-75% 1RM
Even minutes x 9 reps Burpees over Barbell

Notes: Burpees may be lateral or bar-facing. Get some, freaks! Reference Deadlift training weights from 07.12.2019 linked HERE.

Post scores to comments as reps completed for each movement movement and weight utilized.

Complete for time versus a 15:00 Running Clock
Run 800m
20 x Ring Muscle-ups
Run 800m

Notes: Scaling for Muscle-ups today is 1:1 for Pull-ups + Ring Dips (20+20) as well as for Ring Muscle-up transition or strength component scaling methods (ie. 20 reps assigned).

Post score to comments.

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